Update about fingerprints…

Information has surfaced regarding the cost of the fingerprint scanners. While it is possible to find a fingerprint scanner for a reasonable price, it is not possible to actually operate this scanner without first purchasing software. The new minimum cost for the fingerprint scanner is $259.00, which is assuming you have a computer/laptop that runs Windows 7 or 10.

I am very upset about this development, as we were told repeatedly that there would be very little cost behind the fingerprint scanners. I can only say that the legislature really let us down on this one.

You can find the fingerprint scanner and software here.

The scanner is wired, so you may want to invest in an inexpensive laptop with Windows 10 if you need to be portable. You can also get a wireless scanner from this website but please call and chat with the people there to make sure you get a wireless scanner that will be compatible with the software.

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