Fingerprint Scanners, Photographs, & Training

An update for those concerned about changes in the Secondhand Merchandise Transaction law that will go into affect as of January 1, 2020.

  1. Fingerprint Scanners
    1. We have ordered fingerprint scanners and you can find them here.  They are $44.75 and meet all requirements put forth by the State.
  2. Photographs
    1. The Division of Consumer Protection feels strongly that they will be able to work with all of you to make the photography portion of the new law as smooth as possible.  A decent cell phone camera should suffice for the photography requirement and the detail of the photo need only be good enough to help law enforcement visually identify an item.
    2. I have voiced your concerns about the time it will require to photograph and then upload those photos when it comes to large estates.  They have taken it under advisement and should you face any time constraints, please notify Glen Minson and he should be able to help you figure something out.  Glen is determined to work with all of you to get this thing working smoothly!
  3. Training
    1. As of the last Secondhand Merchants Board meeting the State was very close to finishing the online training.  You should be hearing back shortly about this.  It should be much less burdensome than the previous type of training!

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